The Journey Home


The Marine Mammal Physiology Program at UC Santa Cruz, NMFS, and Sea Life Park (Oahu, HI) are working together to bring Hō‘ailona back home to the islands.  We need your help.   Over the next six months NMFS will be planning Hō‘ailona’s return to Hawaii. The conservation group, Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team Oahu (HMRSTO) will be trying to raise up to $100,000 for his return.  Funds donated under the name Hō‘ailona’s Journey will be used to support Hō‘ailona’s travel, his continued care and housing in Hawaii as well as research to aid in the conservation of his Hawaiian Monk seal family. 

Every dollar donated will bring Hō‘ailona that much closer to Hawaii.  Help save the most endangered marine mammal in U.S. waters- starting one seal at a time.  There is no better gift for Valentines’ Day, Earth Day and Birthday, Graduation, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day than to say, “You helped changed the world for the better!”  Tell your friends and their friends and their friends…. And don’t forget to send Hō‘ailona Aloha wishes on his Facebook page.

Over the next several months we will post the milestones and donations that

help move Hō‘ailona home.  Contact HMSRTO for more information on how to


Over the past year Hō‘ailona (KP2) has undergone a series of extensive eye tests, been a valuable contributor to monk seal research and served as an ambassador for his species on the mainland U.S.  That is a lot for one little endangered seal to accomplish in such a short lifetime, and we feel that it is time for him to go home.